Read these terms and conditions so you can make a better choice in better way and exercise your rights and know your obligations or charges as a consumer, user or customer , prior to hiring or booking our services. It is very important that you provide all information requested in full, accurate and timely manner . In this way we can contact you in a timely manner , and assure better service. Your data are safe with MTOTOUR and will not be used or sold to third parties. Through your registration, you authorize us to send relevant information to the Services, and Tours offered or contracted by our company and related entities and / or associates . Our company belongs With professional studies and several years experience working in both Chile 's tourism industry Himself as in countries like Canada , United States and Brazil. In MTOTOUR we act as intermediaries with some tourism providers such as hotels , and as operator of landl services we offer, always trying to maintain a high standard of service. We do not provide these services directly, but we facilitate your hiring through us. Submitting Our website to inform you about the characteristics or conditions of service and manage your requests for reservations and purchases.


MTO Tour is an intermediary between the passengers and the entities providing those services confirmed on the itinerary, such as transport companies , hotels, restaurants , etc. therefore, does not assume any responsibility for them, due to whatever reason , such as damage , injury, loss , accident , delay or irregularity which may occur by faults of any person or company in charge of the provision of services to passenger. Also , MTOTOUR assumes no responsibility for losses or additional expenses due to delays or flight changes or other events that are not attributable whatsoever , disease , strike, weather conditions, natural disasters , riot or any other cause beyond our control.

MTO Tour reserves the right to cancel , modify or shorten the duration of any tour in case of force majeure and / or whatever if overly burdensome compliance by an event subsequent to recruitment such as hostility , natural disasters , weather problems , tremors , earthquakes, fires , accidents or other circumstances beyond our control , forecasting and / or reasonable possibility of fulfillment . Routes , hotels and agencies listed are subject to change without notice. No refunds for non-attendance or delayed attendance to contracted services. The client, who does not participate in a tour, accepts the above conditions and will not require any documents to support his withdrawal of the service , verifying it only by its absence or late attendance at the agreed time and place .


Our company is not an insurance company neither an insurance brokerage. We recommend that all travelers contract their own travel insurance, liability , health and life directly to your home country to seek to have coverage to contingencies such as trip cancellation or voucher, force majeure, accident, illness, loss of baggage , accidents or other contingencies.


Main Office in Santiago de Chile: Avenida La Marina No. 1140-805 , San Miguel

Working Hours : Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 18:00 hrs

E -mail l:

Phone: +569 96383528 +569 79850114




By hiring our services , you pay the price or rate of each tourist service, defined by MTOTOUR. It is therefore important that before you accept the transaction, pay due attention and read carefully the information about the current values that we transmit to you.


Our prices are quoted in dollars of the United States of America, per person and are valid for foreigners and / or persons non residents in Chile. The validity of the same is indicated in each service. For the Chilean people and / or Chilean or foreign resident and / or domiciled in Chile is payable in Chilean pesos and for such purposes the price or fee becomes the observed value of the currency indicated and this should be added the Sales Tax and corresponding services under its then current rate and is currently at 19% for all tourism service hired. Rates and final rates are determined from the time of the final booking confirmation services , which is only specific to the time of payment of the transaction made on this platform and is indicated with the purchase detail , which you send via e- mail.


Transfer services and tours are divided into:

Regular (SIB ) , which are available with bilingual guide , 2 minimum of passengers ( Spanish , Portuguese and English ) except where otherwise tours (minimum 3 ) are indicated, which will be confirmed as off line by our sales executives. Private , exclusive services for a group in different languages are available. The rates for transfers and tours services do not include: Optional excursions , gratuities, passports and visas worth , meals or any other costs not specified in the itinerary.

Transfers will be provided at time indicated and confirmed by the transportation companies : airlines, bus companies , crises according to their . If a passenger wants to change his schedules must report it at least 2 hours before the scheduled start of the service. To ensure optimal performance of our reception and transfers , MTOTOUR requires receiving timely flight arrival information or any other carrier company.


Our Hostelry Accommodation, include breakfast and apply only to tourists , they do not apply to business travel, events, conferences or any other commercial activity.

Importantly, these rates are subject to availability of the final service provider such as a hotel or restaurant and may change without notice.

Hospitality fees not included unless otherwise stated: Sales Tax Services or Value Added Tax ( VAT), which is 19% and is additionally applicable to all Chileans and / or foreign resident or domiciled in Chile.

Also this tribute is added to the confirmed value , in case oif no show to your booking for any reason or cause whatsoever. Chile, the availability of triple rooms with three beds is minimal, generally has additional beds type ROLL-AWAY therefore not guarantee availability and confirmation of the same.

CHILDREN POLICY (under 11 years)

Services ( Transfers , Excursions, City Tours) Children 0-2 years old free of charge on transfers, excursions , subject to seat availability and mandatory under Chilean regulations. Children 3-10 years pay 75% fee, reserved seat. From 11 years are charged 100% fee.


Children policies differ between hotels. In Santiago , for example , children are released, mostly , to 8 years sharing room and bed with parents , with a maximum of one child per room (non- bedding ) as a general rule. If traveling with children it is important to state clearly their ages us to offer the best alternative for your trip and apply special discounts to them.


MTO Tour will not be responsible for any delay , expense , fee, cost or expense involving non-compliance with the requirements of legal entry. Also, is not responsible for itinerary changes airlines , transportation , guided tours and / or contracted service providers and other expenses , costs, fees and extra costs this may mean.


MTO Tour Chile accepts payments only by credit card , directly or through Paypal or by debiting your debit card . In addition, electronic fund transfers , as may be automatically creditted and online at the destination account are accepted. When you enter the details of your account or card and agree to the transaction, thereby authorize the charge rate and / or fee for our service. Processed Once booked, you will have a period of one hour to process the payment , after that time the booking is canceled automatically and you will have to do it again.


The process is active from the moment you send the request and authorize us to manage the purchase and / or booking, by the respective charges to your account or card. We appreciate pay attention to our subsequent communications, since in these we will inform you on the progress and status of your application.

If services are not available for purchase online , your booking will be handled by our executives, who will inform you via e-mail the status of your reservations and conditions thereof.

Therefore it is very important to stay attentive to the information sent to the email address you provided us as a point of contact so you can make timely knowledge of your booking confirmation or any problems or variation. The management of the reservation and / or confirmation of purchase, dependent on full and timely payment of the price and / or service fee. Otherwise reservations may be canceled.


Both the conditions of supply of services (lodging , transportation, guide , etc. ) , procedures and conditions that apply in cases of cancellations or modifications are also determined by the final suppliers.

These conditions are reported in each service and / or confirmation from sales executives . It is very important to check these conditions prior to booking , especially sure that there are services that do not allow changes or cancellations. In case of cancellations of confirmed bookings will apply a service charge , which is actually provided in the management of reserves and is not subject to refund or refund. That charge is different from the service provider contracted with the end . The delay or advance of the dates specified in each case , are governed by the terms, conditions and availability of different end service providers must be aware that this may mean paying a penalty or change in tariff conditions end provider.

If you cancel , terminate , waive or withdraw the reservation or contract before the start of services, the following charges will apply as a penalty and without prejudice to any other applicable charges different providers.

Take note of the special cancellation terms that apply for Hotels, Resort, lodges , Expedition Cruises , other additional products or services will be informed when confirming in each case , with its obligation to request any information it deems relevant to its hiring or booking. The consumer , customer or user assumes total and exclusive all risks, including force majeure or fortuitous event , which is unable to be assisted , appeared and / or received the contracted service. Cancellations contracted service or last minute specials are NOT refundable. In case of ineffectiveness , invalidity and / or unenforceability of one or more of the provisions specified in this act , shall survive all other stipulations as wherever applicable . All Offers Services that have special promotional price , not entitled to redemption in accordance with the provisions of Article 3 bis of Law No. 19.496 on Protection of Consumers ' Rights.


Rates subject to specific conditions established by each company ; names of their respective companies: buses , ferries or other , will be informed at the time of confirmation. Only the rate offered to the payment thereof and / or the issuance and purchase of the ticket or ticket is guaranteed. All rates published or offered , are subject to change without notice , MTOTOUR SpA is not responsible for any difference in charges that could make companies submit actually contracted , such as transport companies , restaurants or services hotels.

Hoping that this information is useful and remaining at your complete disposal for any query you may have regarding the services we offer and the terms or conditions applied.